About Me

Welcome! My name is John Stryker.

I offer persuasive writing, editing, and coaching services that help individuals and businesses produce exceptional written content.

For as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around learning. Engrossed with the written word, I passed untold hours of my youth scrutinizing each and every book I could get my hands on. I actually read so much that my elementary school made me the literal "poster child" (see below!) for their second-grade reading campaign. 

And as time passed, my love of learning only grew. As I continued to read voraciously—hundreds of books annually at some points—I began to notice the kind of writing that held my attention, and the kind of writing that didn't. 

I decided to specialize in the former. I've since devoted myself to mastering rhetorical strategies and argumentation while learning how to write persuasively across genres and mediums. 

Today, I'm writing everything from books to proposals, on topics ranging from drug submarines to health communications. And I'm still posing with books!

This low-quality photo of six-year-old me was turned into a "READ" poster that hung in the library of my elementary school.

While I've traded the sweater for a suit and the smooth face for a beard, the books remain a constant!